sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

at camden

hey, do you remember shake your hips? what? 'don't move your lips...' oh, yeah, i just love it. do you know mick jagger wrote that song for my mom? i can't believe it. yeah, yeah, my mom is french, y'a know, and jagger just met here at cannes when they were, y'a know, exiled. i do not believe that; you have to prove me. ok, do you really remember the tune? yeah. so, right at the first minute, when mick is just whispering something, if you REALLY pay attention, he whispers 'hey, lile, come here'. that's the name of my mother - he's calling her. ok, so now you're just gonna tel me you're mick jagger's daughter. no, i'm brian jones'.


i am the man on the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. shut up! they are gonna arrest us. for what? singing rolling stones? if we were singing, i dunno, let's say, kanye west, they could arrest us. i am the man who brings you roseeeeeeeeeees when you ain't got nooooooooooooooooooone.


say, let's do that: you go back to america tomorrow, right? and we're gonna write letters and postcards and etc. however, here's a better plan: we are going to send each other, every week, a tape with a song. and we are going to learn how to play it and how to sing it. so, in six months from now, when we will be back in london, we are going to perform all those songs in hyde park. and people will just say: FOLK MUSIC IS NOT DEAD!

you're just drunk.

(but that doesn't mean that i don't like that goddamn idea)